Sunday, February 17, 2008

More Music and why my Dad's quilt top isn't finished...

So why is the quilt top not finished, why isn't the whole damn quilt finished? Three words

Lack of Focus :/

I get really excited about projects get about 1/4 of the way and start a new project, I have three laundry baskets full of half finished projects. I had a lot of momentum in January and it has faded a bit. This coming week I'm going to try really hard to finish my prairie point pillow I have 3 rows done out of 16 . EEK!!!

I also really need to get my scarf done and my February bag as it will soon be march, but because of my love for pink, candy, and hearts I will probably rock it for the rest of winter, and part of spring.

More music to craft to:

Rage against the Machine- YES I was very productive, however I don't know how I feel about sewing and cutting while simultaneously singing out loud " You got bullet in your fucking head"

Brandi Carlile- YES excellent for ironing small pieces of fabric, and great for early morning getting started to work music

The Decemberists- YES fun and very productive I love to sing out loud along with them

Tomorrow my goal is to take pictures of the finished projects and the semi-finished projects and actually post them. And to at least finish another block of my dad's quilt, good thing there's not a time that it "has" to be finished.

I think I'll have some tea in the morning with Brandi Carlile and then get moving with some Rage...Know your Enemy...mine is procrastination.