Sunday, March 21, 2010

Songs about killing your children!

So Mr. D has been telling me for weeks people are upset because The Decemberists song "The Rake's Song" is being played in the radio. I usually don't listen to the radio as my CD player plays MP3's. So I decide to find out what all the fuss was about. Here's the song.

I guess everyone's mad that the song is happy? Maybe he was forced into marriage. Maybe his told his wife before they married he didn't want any children and she didn't listen. Maybe he was always crazy and his wife should have realized that before she married him. Maybe we are all spending too much time and energy thinking about if this song should be on the radio or not. Perhaps if you don't like the song when it come on simply change the station or start listening to your Maroon 5 CD. I like the song, and I like the Decemberists. When Mr. D first told me about the hoopla I immediately remembered this awesome song by The Violent Femmes

The only difference is one Dad is remorseful and the other one is not. Meh...they are both good songs, give them a listen and then go back to your regularly scheduled program.

Also if you can think of other songs about killing your children let me know...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Studio

So I have been obsessing about having my studio pass the white glove test since Dan's B-day celebration is this weekend. It is the first room you walk into in our house. And I keep thinking it hast to be perfect. Well I picked up this book last night from the library.Art making and Studio Spaces I've been reading it and I've come to realize my studio doesn't have to be perfect and super duper organized. It should be somewhat presentable yes, but it should also reflect me and who I am. I would probably never pass a white glove test. I keep my fingernails short since they are always covered with clay, ink, paint, pear-ex powders. My clothes are not fancy because usually some of that paint will find itself on pants or shirts. I try really hard not to get stuff on the floor since this property is my G-mom's and one day soon someone else may every well live here. But my studio should reflect me. Colors and quotes, robots and cupcakes decorate the walls and small containers filled with craft accoutrement litter my big desk. unfinished sewing projects in baskets tucked under the cutting table. Fabric spilling out from the bookshelf designated loosely by color. That's me, and that's how I create. You may come to my house someday and I can clear you off a spot, find you a chair and we can be creative together. But please don't tell me my studio is a mess, it is 100% me.