Thursday, January 28, 2010


So ever since I heard Justin Timberlake covered Hallelujah for the Haiti thing, I've been intrested to hear his take on it. I finally looked it up on Youtube today. I'll post it you let me know what you think.. This is one of my all time favorite songs. Many have covered it, some are good and some are awful. I'll give you some different versions, decide which you like best.

First I'll let you hear the original from Leonard Cohen.

Cohen's version gives me chills. Hands down he is truly the master of this song.

Jeff Buckley, this is the first time I heard this song.

I believe this will always be my favorite cover. Buckley's guitar and voice are so haunting in this version.

Rufus Wainright

decent, not near as much feeling as the previous two.

Bon Jovi? Yes my friends here is his cover

Umm...check please. His melodrama with his hands really blew it. Sick to Rock ballads Jon.

And here is the Justin Timberlake and Matt Morris version from the Hope for Haiti

Eh...let's try it a touch faster and with more FEELING! I think JT has got a great voice but this version totally blows. I'm going to have to rate Bon Jovi higher on the list and they didn't even sing the whole song. I realize you know maybe the third verse isn't really cohesive with the telethon but it's my favorite verse and I think it is really where the depth of the song comes into play.

Let me know what you think!

P.S. I found another one I really like! Here's K.D. Lang

Really nice, I think she's another person that "gets" this song.


Shadokat Regn said...

While the Rufus Wainwright one is amazing, and most commonly used - I kind of dig the Justin Timberlake version quite a lot (that was the first time I listened to it!)


Brandy said...

JT's isn't horrible or anything. I think I just expected more from him.